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Lake Idro, or, as it was called in olden times, Eridio (Eris), is located in the North Italy in the region of Lombardy, the province of Brescia, on the southern slopes of the Alps, at an altitude of 372 m above sea level.

It is situated between two famous lakes: Lake Garda and Lake Iseo.

Lake Idro is pretty impressive in size: 12 km in length and 2 km in width. But the most interesting aspect is its depth: it is about 130 meters. It is clear that nobody had ever reached this depth and nobody knows what secrets one can find in this "Alpine cleft" filled with water. There is a legend about a multi-headed monster living in the depths of the Lake, who had once come to the surface and had left an indelible trace in people's minds, so that the biggest town on the lake was called the Hydra, with a multi-headed monster as an emblem. But the danger of scaring all the tourists was realized in time, and the town has been hastily renamed to Idro. And the Lake was called the Lago di Idro. Which literally means the lake at Idro.

You can’t believe this story? For no good reason. Have a look at the coat of arms of Idro and all your doubts will disappear.


It is very important that Lake Idro is a natural reservoir. Its waters are replenished by the Alpine rivers, by crystal streams, bubbling down from marble mountains, and by multiple underwater springs. Due to tremendous purity and quality of water a factory for bottling of mineral water was opened on one of these streams. The water is called Maniva - quite expensive one, - and is delivered to many shopping centers of Europe.


Not very long ago there were hard times for Lake Idro. Mercantile officials and farmers unscrupulously squeezed out of the Lake as much as they could in order to satisfy their own interests, without regard to the ecological balance. There was a lot of an unreasonable construction without treatment facilities. At the same time the water was poured and sold in such quantities that the surface level in the Lake fluctuated up to seven meters. As a result lake vegetation perished, as well as fish and frog caviar (the frogs annually descend from the Alps to the Lake for deducing of posterity). Things could end with catastrophe ...

Fortunately, thanks to countless protests, demonstrations and actions of civil disobedience held by local residents, it became possible to involve the general public in the solution of problems of Lake Idro. As a result, several years ago an agreement was signed between all interested parties on compliance with environmental interests of Lake Idro district. Treatment facilities have been constructed in a short time, unreasonable draining of the Lake was stopped, the state of its waters is now controlled by transmitting real-time information from the sensors via satellite to the institutes of Milan and Padova.

Due to these activities the purest water in Italy is currently in Lake Idro.

On their strolls by the Lake, our guests can see how along the banks slowly float schools of trout, salmon and huge carp, reaching 80 centimeters in length. And those who take a dive with us into the Lake can watch meter-long burbots peacefully asleep at a depth of 20/30 meters. On the surface of the Lake an infinite number of different birds weave their nests and deduce chicks. Wild animals go down on watering places from mountains. Whom did we see with our own eyes! The only exception is the bears, but even they live nearby, 30 miles away, in the famous natural park of Adamello.

Thanks to a well balanced ecosystem on Lake Idro practically there are


Lake Idro amazes not only with its purest waters, but the fantastically beautiful nature of its banks. Lush green vegetation is mixed with vertical marble cliffs of fantastic shapes. Many of these rocks are quite inaccessible and so on Lake Idro there still are places where no man has gone before.

The Lake’s banks are covered with small stones passing into coarse sand made by small particles of marble. At the Lake there are not very many beaches.

The best, largest, cleanest and most sunny beach on Lake Idro is situated in our village Vesta, where is situated our family place.

This is not just advertising. This is simple truth. The fact is that the peninsula with the village on it was formed thanks to a rivulet with potable water that flows past our place. For centuries it carries small stones and sand, so that our peninsula, formed with it, considerably stretches to the central part of Lake Idro. Therefore, the rocks don’t close our place against the sun most of the solar time between dawn and sunset. And pureness of water is explained by the fact that we are above the deepest part of the Lake. By the way, our rivulet feeds with its purest spring water not only water system in our village, but in other nearest settlements as well.

Historically and geographically in the Alps the only way to move is through the valleys, while the rocks are inaccessible to pass. So, disputes over valleys for centuries caused wars. It is understandable, he who controls the movement across the valley, has money and power, respectively. The same was the case with our valley, which is called Valsabbia - a valley of sand ...

On the opposite side of the Lake there passes the official road between the South and the North. Near the village Anfo on a huge rock lurked an enormous military facility Rocco di Anfo (rock Anfo). Let’s not go into a period of feudal wars but proceed directly to the time of Napoleon. To protect his empire, Napoleon made the largest contribution to the reconstruction of this military structure. It was converted into a fortress with a huge battle tower that allowed to hold under a sight all the valley. Unapproachable, majestic ramparts excluded any idea of overcoming them. Large barracks had a dual purpose: for residing of military men and for fighting capacity strengthening. These powerful military capacities served for protection of borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, being the border crossing point between Italy and Austria-Hungary.

Still, as it often happens in life, if there is an official road, then there is also an unofficial trail. In this case it was a Sentiero dei Contrabbandieri (The Smugglers’ Trail). This is a real trail, which was used by smugglers. It originates from the door of our place, and runs along Lake Idro in steep cliffs to the province of Trento. Previously, it was Austria-Hungary. In the old days when smugglers were overtaken by the official strengths, they threw all that was dragged into the Lake. No contraband - no punishment. And now, those who like diving have a good chance to find something valuable and interesting in the Lake.Today our guests renting Holiday Homes, Vacation villas and Holiday Apartments have a unique opportunity to feel: "What it is to live like smugglers" and to walk along this path, making beautiful panoramic views and shooting delightful video. When passing along the trail, one can stop at a pizzeria, or can catch some fish on a fish farm.


Lake Idro is especially recommended for those who like to engage in active sports. Only on Lake Idro pure Alpine air is enriched with large quantities of oxygen from lush vegetation - an unusual invigorating blend, very useful for organism.

Each year to Lake Idro come for training different professional teams of cyclists and runners. Every year for an international cycling marathon "24 hours" come "crazy" from all over the world to try themselves at endurance. And there are many opportunities for practicing other sports. In our place, there is a small diving center and the diving instructor. Also on the Lake there are: surfing school, sailing school and, of course, fashionable to date, kiting school… Surprisingly, not many people can distinguish mountaineering from rock-climbing. In rock-climbing you will climb the steep wall using special equipment. While in mountaineering you will take a backpack – and on the Alpine tracks up hill and down dale... You can have one and another. From the doors of our place many famous Alpine trails run up and at a distance of about 150 meters, there is a specially equipped rock for rock-climbing. Not far from Lake Idro has opened a special site for natural rock- climbing.

Geographical location of Lake Idro in Italy, and, accordingly, of our place, provides not only for a beach holiday, but for travels to the famous historical cities as well:

Italy, Venice, Verona, Brescia, Bergamo, Milan, Innsbruck (Austria), Shopping centers, Entertainment parks as well.
Close to Lake Idro the famous ski resorts are situated:
Madonna di Campiglio, Pizzolo, Maniva, Gaver.

Along the banks of the Lake there are bars, hotels, campsites and tourist villages, known for their simple, homelike and heartfelt atmosphere. Fans of good Italian cuisine attend these institutions with pleasure, often in the company of friends or families. A variety of Italian dishes and specialties of local cuisine of Lake Idro can be offered there. In some bars, restaurants, pizzerias for the our guests of special discounts are offered. Just recently a new high-speedroad has connected Lake Idro with the city of Brescia and the highway. Now you can not only quickly and comfortably reach the Lake, but also, while staying there, you can see the whole of the North Italy.

Discover Lake Idro!

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Historical centers Lake Idro and our Holiday homes

Historical centers on Lake Idro

Trail to famous historical centers on Lake Idro, begins from our Holiday villas and Vacation apartments in Italy

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If you've read our page about Lake Idro, you know that the Lake has its own mystery, but the puzzles do not end there. For example, you will not find a town called Idro on the map. There is a population of about 3,500 people, there is a corresponding postal index, authorities, but physically there is no such town - Idro.

Idro is a big tourist area.

There are many settlements scattered along the shores of Lake Idro. The largest are the knit between settlements Crone and Lemprato. They still retain the historic beauty untouched, with their narrow branched streets, arched galleries and courtyards. Every Wednesday at the Square Crone takes place a street market where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood (which can be grilled in your presence), as well as various souvenirs. Every year before Christmas, the Crone’s people provide the holiday Cortili in Festa (Local Holiday) or "open day". The locals open their homes for the public, treat them with various tasty things and drinks, pour a drink and prepare hot mulled wine on the street. The opportunity to enjoy the treasures of the artistical and cultural life of the district, the variety of musical performances on the decorated and illuminated streets and the concert in the church Chiesa di San Rocco will make a lasting impression on the guests of the fest.

In Lemprato in 1980 in the place called "Ancient castle" were found the remains of an ancient Rhaetian-Roman village. Together with Roman tombstones found in the Lake, these remains are now kept in the ancient church of Santa Maria ad Undas dating from 1200 year.

At the intersection of the main highway going from the South to the North of Italy, along the left side of Lake Idro and the turning to its right side is the village Pieve Vecchia (the Old Rain).

Farther along the main road to the North is located the village of Tre Capitelli (Three Capitals).

Shortly after Tre capitals the Idro area terrain ends and begins Anfo, with its magnificent fortifications Rocco di Anfo - definitely the object of pride on the Lake due to its cultural and historical significance. This military fortress was built in the XV century during the Venetian Republic and restored in 1800 during the French occupation by order of Napoleon Bonaparte. Later it was used as the headquarters of Giuseppe Garibaldi at the battle of Monte Suello in 1866. Other evidences of the Battle of Monte Suella are located along the provincial road from the town of San Antonio in the direction of the town of Bagolino, where are buried in the crypt the fallen comrades of Garibaldi and where a small memorial stone wae erected in memory of Garibaldi's wound in the thigh.

In Della Rocca di Anfo one can admire the Venetian and the Napoleonic batteries, an old Venetian staircase consisting of 600 granite steps, long underground tunnels carved in the rock and the observation point located on a cliff top… The fortress can be truly called the pearl of military architecture.

From the road to the North, along the Lake, you can turn to the mountains/ There you will find the mysterious town of Bagolino, lurking in the rocks. Amazing parish church in the center of Bagolino was built in 1600. Inside the church you can admire the works of great artists such as Titian and Tintoretto. Bagolino - medieval town of rare beauty, with very high houses close to each other, with porches, grand staircases, underground passages in the houses, with frescoes on the walls - the perfect expression of medieval architecture.

Bagolino is especially Known for its Carnival, held annually in February. The old rich costumes, the hats of red ribbons decorated with family jewels, folklore songs and dances, the action itself, represented by dancers, musicians and other participants in the black and white masks…

The tradition of the Carnival originates from the XVI century, when the celebration of the Carnival Bagosso began. From Carnival Bagosso originates the tradition and the recipe for the famous cheese Bagoss, which can be purchased at local stores.

In the upper reaches of Lake Idro, there is a big town Ponte Caffaro (the Bridge on the River Caffaro). This river makes the administrative border between Lombardy (Province of Brescia) and Trento.
In the town of Ponte Caffaro it is worth visiting the church of San Giacomo (early IX century). In those days it was under the control of the Benedictine monks, who taught the locals how to cultivate and drain the swampy soil of Pian di Oneda.

If you go by the other side of Lake Idro, shortly after Krone, you will see the village Vantone (Vantone), consisting of three campsites.

Then the narrow road, built directly along the shores of Lake Idro, through a beautiful forest, with underground passages for frogs and other animals, will lead you to our village Vesta. In Roman mythology, VESTA - the goddess of love and the keeper of hearth and home.

The peninsula where our Residence is situated takes its origine in ancient times. As a result of breaking the marble rocks along the ravine began runs the stream, with the purest potable water flowing down, to the Lake. At the mouth of this stream, bringing small marble stones, our peninsula had appeared.
Vesta, being completely surrounded by the cliffs and the deepest Lake (130 m), was inaccessible to people until 1972, when the tunnels through the rocks were built and the way paved. But even now there still remaine places where no man has gone before.

This village is designed for resort, so most of its houses and apartments are used for renting, while some of them are used for recreation of wealthy people from around the world as private villas. In this village permanently reside only three families.

Here, in the village, the road ends, so there is no automobile traffic which might interfere with recreation.
The best beaches on Lake Idro are in the village of Vesta. From the gates of our private family Residence begins the famous historic trail Sentiero dei Contrabbandieri (the Smugglers’ Trail).

Our guests renting Holiday Homes, Vacation villas, Holiday Apartments in Italy, in our private family Residence,
always stay in a great delight from a walk by the Smugglers’Trail!

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Alps, trails, waterfalls, nature, wildlife on Lake Idro and our Holiday homes

Alps, trails, waterfalls, nature, wildlife on Lake Idro

The Alps, trails, waterfalls, nature, wildlife nearby our Holiday Homes, Vacation villas and Holiday Apartments on Lake Idro

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The Alps constitute an oasis of living nature in the heart of Europe. Of particular interest are the southern slopes of the Italian Alps.

As a big natural barrier they take on the pleasant rays of the southern sun, the hot streams of the African air and the moisture of the Mediterranean. This creates a unique microclimate favorable for lush vegetation and diverse fauna. In the foothills of the Alps is Lake Idro and, accordingly, our private family Residence.

Our guests renting the Holiday Homes, Vacation villas and Holiday Apartments can enjoy this flowering nature even without leaving the gates of our Residence, since it’s located right in the forest along the shore of Lake Idro and on the bank of a rivulet with crystal potable water.

But if you leave the gates of our Residence, infinite possibilities for travel in unity with nature will open up. From the doors of our Residence many alpine trails take their start. There you can meet many interesting and rare plants and flowers, some of them are included in the "Red Book". Nearly all species of animals of the European comtinental zone live in the Alps. And thanks to the large number of natural parks (where hunting is forbidden), their number is not reduced.

The Alps and their animal world as a living organism wake up in spring. Everythig blossoms, migratory birds return, the nests are full of offspring, animals descend from the mountains closer to the water.
In summer everything resembles a safari-park. And at late autumn the trees shed their leaves and the Alps plunge in winter hibernation.

The mountains surrounding Lake Idro and South of it - are a marble rock. And a world-famous marble Botticino is from our area.

To the North of the Lake the Dolomite begin. The vegetation here is much poorer, the towering cliffs are decorated with white caps of the permafrost. There you can go skiing all year round.

Alpine trails vary in their complexity. On some you can leisurely stroll, admiring the beautiful views. Others are much harder and may even require athletic abilities from a mountaneer. But all the tracks have in common is that you'll feel a pioneer, because still a lot of places in the Alps where no man has gone before. At the same time, sometimes there Rifugi - Alpine refuge, where the traveler can spend the night and wait out bad weather.

With a large vertical drop, from melting glaciers, snow and rain begin mountain streams and rivers with stunning waterfalls with with the bizarre fascinating waterfalls/ In winter some of them turn into ice walls. In the valley of Val di Daone in winter a championship on ice-climbing is conducted.

In summer in our area the Canyoning is organized - descent along the waterfalls, as well as travels along the riverbeds.

For guests renting Holiday Homes, Vacation villas and and Holiday Apartments in the our Residence, we hold a presentation of various travel and entertainment opportunities in the Alps. We recommend to visit a large waterfall on the way to Lago di Ledro (Lake Ledro), and the bravest may try to bathe in it. In summer it is interesting to climb the valley of Val di Daone (Val Daone), stroll along the lake Lago di Bissina Bessina and learn the difference of heights and temperature ranging from +30 to 0 degrees. You can even play snowballs on the glacier Adamello.

Come to us and discover your own Alps!

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Weather on Lake Idro and our Holiday homes

Weather on Lake Idro

Weather on Lake Idro and Holiday homes villas and Holiday Apartments on Lake Idro from private owners in Italy

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As well as the weather in the Alps, is totally unpredictable and can change several times a day. We usually joke about it 50% to 50%. Sometimes it happens so that while at our Residence the sun shines brightly, in the other areas of Lake Idro rains.

The closest prediction you can look at these site:

As our guests Holiday Homes, Vacation villas and Holiday Apartments, in our private family Residence in Italy are often interested in the weather, we think it is useful to make this description of our long-term observations.

First of all, we note that our location is ideal for the weather all year round.

In the summer on Lake Idro

Weather is perfect for a beach holiday. The days are hot, bright, strong sun is and shining. Sometimes a fine rain pours which makes the air extremely clean and fragrant. The air temperature at daytime is 28/30 degrees. The water temperature in the Lake is 25/28 degrees, comparable to the temperature of water at known seaside resorts. At night, from the Alps the refreshing coolness falls, temperature drops to 20/25 degrees. Interestingly, on Lake Idro you will not find a property with air conditioning. There is simply no need of them, for it is very nice to sleep with the windows open, enjoying the fresh alpine air.

Thanks to a well balanced ecosystem on Lake Idro there are almost
No mosquitoes.

In the winter Lake Idro

never freezes. The water temperature in the Lake does not fall below + 5 degrees. The air temperature at the daytime usually ranges from 0 to 10 degrees. At night it is much colder and the temperature can drop to - 8 degrees. Every winter, once a time a heavy snow falls, which melts during the week and the Residence always pleases its guests with well-groomed green lawns and palm trees. While in the mountains around the Lake snow cover lasts through the winter Only in the Residence our guests have the unique opportunity – leaving the gates of the Residence to rise along the paths in the Alps, play snowballs or take a trip to the nearby well-known ski resorts Gaver, Madonna di Campiglio, Maniva or Pizzolo for skiing and on return to be met with green lawn and palm trees.

In the winter on Lake Idro we have a very nice contrast of white and green colors.

The Spring on Lake Idro

begins very early. In the end of February nature begins to actively awaken. The morning of the guests our Residence begins with a noisy, polyphonic birdsong. Air temperature, water in Lake Idro and in our pool gradually increases. Already in April the water in The lake is about 17 degrees and the air 20 degrees a daytime and 15 degrees at night. Due to the fact that our pool is connected to the solar cells, if the sun is enough, the first steps to opening the bathing season our guests make in April. And in May the summer and beach season begins. If you are tired of sunbathing, only in our Residence, there is a great package for travel.

Spring is the perfect time to travel to the famous, interesting places in the North of Italy.

The Autumn on Lake Idro

comes rather late. Only at the end of October you can experience the first signs of autumn. The water temperature in the Lake lowers very slowly and at this time is at about 16 degrees. The air temperature at a daytime is 18/20 degrees and at night 13/15. Autumn is also a very good time for travels in Italy or a nice, quiet walks in the Alps.

Most of the Alpine Mountain Trails Start at the door our Holiday Homes, Vacation villas and Holiday Apartments!

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